Choiyawa will be releasing a new book for Comiket 97 “超次元ゲイムこなた” (Choujigen game Konata, Hyperdimension Konatia?). Our table will be on the first day(saturday december 28th), in the west hall, booth E-04a.


The book this time will be a crossover between the Neptunia Series and Lucky Star. It’s the first volume of a planned 4 series. The story in the end will be a yuri story between Konata and Kagami, and, Neptune and Noire, but will also feature cute yuri moment between other characters. This volume also features Nepgear, Uni and Histoire.


Summary: Konata and Kagami get switched with Neptune and Noire. The people around them do not realize what is happening. What will happen to them and how will they go back to their own dimension?

The English translation will be posted on the day of the event.

If you are not in Japan for comiket, and would like a copy of the doujin, please contact me on twitter before the event. I don’t have a patreon anymore, but we can still arrange a way to get the doujin to you by paypal. The price will be the same as the event price + shipping.