Neige 1


Neige part 1

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Release:Comic Market 89, Day 1, 東カ17b
Konata and Kagami go on a trip to Canada during winter. This is a small, funny and cute story of 2 friends having fun in a foreign country. Will their time together bring them closer together or drive them apart?
This is part 1 of a 2 (planned) part story. Part 2 should be released at Comiket 91.
This is my first doujin ever, and it took me a very long time to do.
I started doing it almost a year ago, planning to get it ready for summer Comiket, but I didn’t get accepted. So the book took a whole year to make, and I only have this short story to offer you.
My style changed a lot along the way, I think I improved a bit, and I hope you the art being all over the place won’t keep you from enjoying the story.
I think my style should be more stable and clean for the next part, please look forward to it!
You can see the english version of the text here

Update 2016/03/04:As promised on my patreon, I’m making Neige part 1 available for free for everyone.
The guest illustrations were left out of this version.
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